Redtop Vixey "Vixey" 

Birth date: March 29th 2014
Breed: Border Collie
Gender: Female
Hips -
Elbows -
Knees -
Eyes Sire is Optigen DNA-tested clear for CEA
Hobbies: Puppy play

We have yet to find out what Vixey is made out of but so far she seems like the dog of my dreams! She is brave, social, friendly, energetic yet calm. I've never had a Border Collie puppy yet that would sleep so many hours in a row or calm down in her crate as quickly as she has. She is a natural when it comes to traveling or meeting new people. She rivals Vanilla in her ability to learn but unlike Vanilla as a puppy she is also creedy for food which makes training so very easy. I have high hopes for this little youngster!

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