NA, WV-N, BH Oakmeadow Hollyhock "Vanilla" 

Birth date: Nov 24th 2006
Breed: Border Collie
Gender: Female
Hips A-A
Elbows 0-0
Knees 0-0
Eyes ok/ok, Optigen DNA-tested CEA-carrier
TNS & CL free (DNA-tested)
Hobbies: Obedience, Agility, Search and Rescue, Sheep herding, Water play and Pulling the dinghy

You will never have a boring moment with this little firecracker. Vanilla has been a challenging yet the most rewarding little dog I've ever had. I have learned so much about dogs and dog training with her and I'm ever grateful for that. She is the cuddliest, most loving little creature at home but high energy and intensity at work. When at home I'm sure she thinks she's a lapdog and spends quite a chunck of her time trying to figure out how to be even closer to me. She is a really quick learner, in both good and bad. She is open towards people but pretty ignorant towards other dogs and would rather find a human to play ball with. Vanilla is the dog of my life, we've gone through a lot together, traveled the world and share a bond that is unbreakable. She has become quite the cruising dog, she loves water, snorkeling with us and can swim through breakers with astonishing speed. While sailing she rests in the cockpit or in our bed inside the boat and takes it easy.